Join Pregnant Then Screwed on Tuesday 31st October to demand recognition, respect and change for working mums. 


Women have babies! That has been happening for a very long time, yet for some reason our labour market and Government legislation isn’t prepared for this eventuality.

When a woman dares to procreate she often finds her job in jeopardy. Pregnancy and maternity discrimination is on the rise. In the UK, the number of women who lose their jobs for getting pregnant has almost doubled in the last 10 years. One in nine pregnant women will get pushed out.

These stale, stubborn employers, keen to dump these experienced, hardworking women, seem to entirely miss the point - looking after pregnant employees and mothers isn’t just ethical, it’s good for business.

Our Government isn’t helping; paying lip service to workers' rights and taking no decisive action that would improve the outlook for working mums. Our legislation protects the decrepit old farts who want to see women at home taking care of the children, while the men go out and earn a crust.

The thing is, this 1930s’ attitude doesn’t wash anymore. Not just because many mothers want or need to work, but because our economy depends upon it.

'March of the Mummies' is about the economic empowerment of women; until the Government and businesses start to take this issue seriously women, families and our economy will suffer as a consequence.

The main rally and march will take place in London, starting at Trafalgar Square at 12 noon. Sister rallies will take place in Belfast at the Town Hall; in Cardiff at the Aneurin Bevan statue on Queen Street; and in Glasgow at Glasgow Green at 12 noon. Please come dressed as mummies (the Walking Dead kind) to represent the fact that our policies are from a by-gone time and so we can create a spectacle that will stop people in their tracks.

If you believe women deserve to have both a family and a career, join us on 31 October to make your voice heard. We’re also looking for volunteers on the day to help make the event a success.



This march has been organised by Pregnant Then Screwed, a campaign group fighting for the rights of working mums

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