Banner Ideas

All you need is a big piece of card and a marker and you’re away! Here are some ideas of what you could write on that banner, but feel free to create your own. 

  1. I dare to want both a family and a career
  2. Pregnant Then Screwed (You can download the logo here)  
  3. We need to talk about the elephant in the womb
  4. Just because I can procreate, should not determine my career fate
  5. Listen to us Theresa May, mothers deserve better pay
  6. When things are shitty, we change them (picture of a nappy)
  7. Whilst working today, we raise the workforce of tomorrow
  8. I peed on a stick, not on my career
  9. All mothers are hardcore fuckers
  10. My skills got me hired, my womb got me fired
  11. He didn’t pull out, so I got pushed out
  12. ‘’If we are strong enough to have your children let us get back to business’’ Beyonce
  13. Pregnant pause shows flaws in the laws
  14. One tough mother
  15. I shouldn’t have it rough because I’m up the duff
  16. Discrimination: It’s a mother fucker

See some of our examples below.

Dummy 1.jpg
Discrimination MF1 Jpeg.jpg
Workforce 2.jpg
Skills 1.jpg