Interview with Clemmie Telford

1) We all hate the phrase working mum, right? Because all mums are working mums and nobody ever says working dad! But, as a mum, who does paid work, what have you found challenging? Both personally and professionally? Have you had to make sacrifices?

Once in a while my boys will ask “how many sleeps until a Mummy day?” That breaks my heart a bit. But for me being a Mum who goes out to work, makes me a better Mum.  

2) Clearly you’re a grafter and you are obviously ambitious. How do you balance motherhood and a career? 

I am a creature of routine. I like structure and boundaries. Same train in the morning. Same bedtime. Same supermarket delivery slot (Sunday night). Once they are in place I no longer need to think about them. Which leaves room to try and manage EVERYTHING else.

3) Which of our 5 demands particularly resonates with you and why?

Subsidised childcare from when a child is 6 months old. 

It’s madness that subsidised childcare starts so late. We lose so many brilliant women from the workplace because childcare costs are prohibitive. Changing it to 6 months would benefit the economy, businesses and of course families by allowing them to choose how they want to support themselves, rather than have the decision forced upon them.

4) As a writer, blogger and influencer who has an enormous pressure on their shoulders to post every day and be funny - how do you cope with the sleepless nights and the general life apathy that can be an inevitable part of raising young children?

I can’t put a front on anything. I am an emotional Pisces; all my feelings are written across my face. So if I am not ‘feeling it’ I either don't post or I share my anger/sadness/frustration. Recently I’ve learned that being vulnerable isn’t a weakness. In fact, the more honest I have been on social media, the better and more heartfelt the response from others.