The Problem

  •  Government legislation is completely outdated and does not effectively protect working mothers
  •  54,000 women lose their jobs for getting pregnant and 390,000 working mums experience negative and potentially discriminatory treatment at work each year. These numbers have doubled in a decade. Far from improving, the situation for working mums is rapidly deteriorating
  • Pregnant women and new mums have limited access to justice, demonstrated by the fact that less than 1% of victims take legal action against a discriminatory employer
  •  Discrimination tends to have a negative impact on a woman’s confidence and mental health. This often has a long term impact on their career and sometimes this has a negative impact on their relationship with their child and partner
  •  The legal process is incredibly confusing and stressful for pregnant women and new mums who are very vulnerable
  • Motherhood is a major contributor to the gender pay gap. The gap between young women and men is almost non existent, but widens consistently for 12 years after the first child is born, by which point women receive 33% less pay per hour than men.